Being Human is not an Insult

I intend to have a perfect new year, not a flawless or faultless year, but a year that is as good as it is possible to be, a complete year - as in whole not finished.

— Being Human is not an Insult

oday is the last day of 2013.  Reflecting on the past year we often will judge each event, each moment or highlight and try to decide what we would do differently.  We then make promises to ourselves and loved ones that next year will be different.  

Next year I will loose 15lbs; next year I will fall in love, next year.. I will change…..

Well I'm here to tell you that you are perfect just as you are.  Don't change a thing! There will be ups and downs in 2014 just like every other year.   There is no way of telling what will become of our lives in the future and it can be exhausting thinking that we have some control over an outcome of which the circumstances are unknown.  While we yogis are taught and teach that we are perfectly imperfect, I was reminded today that maybe even that view is some how degrading the self love that is often conditional on whether we meet some external standard of perfection or imperfection.

I was reminded of this today when my sweet friend Amanda, who has been an inspiration to me for many years while reflecting on her past year and wrote in slight frustration "I’m tired of feeling imperfect. I’m tired of women telling each other how imperfect we all are. Each time I hear that I think, 'wow, so if we think we’re imperfect; that means we think there is a more perfect version of ourselves possible'."  


She went on to say...

"I am ready to accept that I am perfect as I am right now. There is nothing wrong with me – being a few pounds overweight, a few weeks out of shape, and having imbibed a few too many bottles of chardonnay doesn’t make me less complete, it makes me human. To be perfectly honest, these are the very things that make me perfectly me. I like the fact that I cook bigger meals, sleep in later, and celebrate with more gusto over the holidays. Joy, celebration, and indulgence are desirable elements, as far as I am concerned."

I love this woman-  she reminds me that doing things that make us happy is what matters.  Not perfection.  Happiness, love, sharing, and our humanness.  Being human is not an insult.  Its an act of Love! 

Our humanity is perfect and I wish you all love and happiness in the year ahead.

Amanda Stuermer is a wife, mother, dreamer, schemer, writer, activist, and muse. She is the founder and executive director of World Muse, a nonprofit that cultivates the potential of women as catalysts for change. Amanda was recently recognized by Origin Magazine as one of sixteen "Women Who Inspire." She is passionate about inspiring individuals to ignite their potential. Visit her website and Check out the 2014 Muse calendar at World Muse.


I’d also like to state that I intend to have a perfect new year, not a flawless or faultless year, but a year that is as good as it is possible to be, a complete year - as in whole not finished.


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