Beyond My Comfort Zone

Beyond My Comfort Zone


hile I prayed over tarot cards to uncover the deepest truth of my dharma, seriously... I realized I'd lost track of my yoga practice. And by loosing track I really mean lost inspiration. This happens every now and then I think to everyone.

I am a goal oriented person. However, I learned a long time ago that goals and yoga just don't mix. It was usually when I stayed consistent the transformation would just happen. But when I got to the point of just going through the motions I realized I may need to look outside my practice for something more. There was a time when my marriage ended that I did yoga for sheer mental survival. But now two years later, I've reached a point in which my approach is different, more spiritual, more grounding. Hardly a practice in which I push myself beyond my comfort zone, at least in the physical sense.

So I decided to follow a friend to the climbing gym. I had climbed outside only once before (on a date), the guy didn't last, but I really enjoyed the challenge. I actually liked being scared. Really! I get the same sensation practicing handstands, but when you are on a wall holding on, giving up is a lot harder than just bringing your feet back down. Climbing made me feel strong, I could breathe through the discomfort, fear, and set goals! It's also one of the few sports that truly compliments a consistent yoga practice i.e. it won't undue the growth you've experienced in your yoga body like cycling or running can. A lot of my yogi friends also climb so its been pretty easy to get into the mix- sort of.

Now don't get me wrong- I suck at climbing. But so what. Trying something new, reaching beyond what was comfortable for me was all I needed to get my head back in the game of continuing to grow. Yoga will always be my first love, but climbing is proving to be exactly what I need to keep moving forward.

The Middle Path opens the eyes, produces knowledge, and leads to peace, insights, and enlightenment. -Buddha


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We are a group of dedicated yogis, mommys, daddys, climbers, bikers, hikers, paddlers, and all around nature worshippers who believe that our practice is a lifelong connection enhancing every aspect of our existence, bringing breath and freedom to all we do. With this inspiration for yoga and all its gifts we created Good Tiger Yoga so that we may share our practice and journey with you.