So you want to teach corporate yoga?

So you want to teach corporate yoga?

Although you can get a good idea of how to engage in the corporate yoga culture and increase your income researching around the web there will be some things no one tells you that will help you go up in the glass elevator. Make sure your insurances; waivers and licenses are all up to date. Take the time to be CPR and AED certified. It adds to your credibility.

  • Sense about scents: patchouli and incense might fill your heart with calm but they are closely associated with people hung up on hemp.
  • Nasty Nails: With your toes exposed barefoot in the boardroom they should be well-scrubbed, short, and natural or light polish.
  • Bear Hair: Locks on all body parts should be trim, tucked, up, held back or shaved. If you are a strong supporter of the natural look wear long sleeves and pants on your extremities.
  • Big balls and Camel toe are a no go- a tight jock strap or a cut off-Capri style pair of control top pant house should be worn under yoga attire.
  • How low can you go? Ban hip huggers and belly brazen pants that show off your G-string or jock strap. Your waistband should be closer to your waist than hips.
  • Fresh Breath: Make sure your scrub those teeth clean of Tofu curry with lentils and hot peppers.
  • Cover those nipples:  Yes, I mean YOU! The inadvertent unveiling of nipples is an X-rated event that can abruptly end financial opportunities.  Particularly when teaching at colleges, schools, day-care centers or presenting at fundraising events nipples should be covered properly.
  • Make sure your insurances; waivers and licenses are all up to date. Take the time to be CPR and AED certified. It all adds to your credibility.

If making changes to your appearance and personal hygiene gets a rise out of you, then corporate yoga may not be for you...

Andes Hruby

Andes Hruby graduated Columbia University with an MFA in writing and has spent 30 years as a certified fitness instructor in five disciplines. The American Council on Exercise accredits her as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Facilitator. To better balance her body Hruby began her training in the Ashtanga community under Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, and Nancy Gilgoff. Hruby was previously the NBC Fit Guru of Connecticut, and for over a decade was the owner of Studio Blue: Fitness Made Fun. She currently writes a lifestyle and fitness columns for Good Tiger Yoga, Yoganomous, and ConciergeQ and has been a contributor at: Glamour, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and numerous on-line zines and blogs. You can find out more about Andes and her retreats in Coast Rica at