The Love Guru: Distractions from Love

The Love Guru: Distractions from Love

Dear Love Guru,

I have recently started a wonderful relationship with a man after being a alone for a while.  While I have very strong feelings for this man, a few red flags have come up for me.  1) I think about other men sometimes, and 2) I sometimes think he needs me more than I need him.  I am scared to death of getting too wrapped up in something that I am unsure about.  Is is better to just stick with it?  Or should I begin steps to move on?

Please help, Distracted in Love


Dear Definitely Distracted and Maybe in Love,

Distracted indeed.  Your inquiry quite possibly contains both the question that puzzles you and the answer which you seek.  You describe your relationship as wonderful and your feelings as very strong.  You say you are scared to death to be involved with a man you are uncertain of, yet there is no mention of the risk of losing your “wonderful relationship.”  So now I will pose a question or two to you and you may then decide whether to love or lose.

How wonderful is this relationship, how strong are your very strong feelings, how long were you actually alone, and just how many other men are you thinking of?  I suspect the answers to these important questions will guide you down the right path.  Perhaps, little lovebug, your question is not at all a question of love…but rather a question of how to calm the distractions of the mind?

Take two doses of meditation and email me in the morning.

-The Love Guru


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