Why Water? The Top Ten facts about water for our bodies

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Why Water? The Top Ten facts about water for our bodies

  • Brain Power: manufactures hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Blood and Oxygen: irrigates our organs
  • Organ Occupation: detoxifies intruders
  • Body Temperature: regulates sweating and respiration
  • Moist Mucus: stands as first barrier of infection
  • Saliva: supports proper ingestion and digestion
  • Nutrients: absorbs quality
  • Lubricate: fills in the gaps for juicy joints
  • Cellular: arrives to thrive and reproduce
  • Waste: purges impurities

After only a few days without water, we start to wither. The phrase “Just Add Water” applies first and foremost to our bodies. We can survive for weeks without food but only seven days without water.  At the first sign of thirst we have already begun to dehydrate 2% below optimal hydration levels. Once we have lost 5% percent of the water in your bodies, endurance and strength are declining. By the time we lose 10% of our desired homeostasis delirium sets in, brain function, and decision-making slip away.

Each day we face the water challenge. Replenish and revive to stay alive. We can lose up to three quarts of water daily by urinating, breathing and sweating so diligent rehydration is critically important. Water is our most efficient solvent, moving waste products along so they do not reach toxic levels. As a transporter, water forces oxygen through our system from cell to cell. Water is the key to supple skin, a moist mouth, teary eyes and hydrated mucus membranes: all of which are regarded as the first defense against infection. Water is the chemical fireball that ignites acids which to dissolve our foods and at the same time helps us bring our PH (power of hydrogen) back into balance. It is the key to our electrolyte balance, managing sodium and calcium to keep our muscles contracting and reacting.

Why do we require adequate water consumption for losing weight? With an abundance of water flowing through your body we become efficient machines of evacuation–ridding us of toxins that inhibit metabolic rates. A hydrated body helps us distinguish hunger from emotional pangs like being angry, lonely or tired. It can also keep us from chugging high calorie beverages such as fizzy sodas and hop happy beers.

Effective water consumption is like learning to meditate: go slow, take it easy, don’t force it, and don’t expect to be able to hydrate all at once. Know your facts about water consumption and avoid consuming high quantities of water in short periods of time.  This can cause an internal threat of drowning called hypornatremia. Your best meter of proper water “intake” is your own “out put”. If your urine becomes completely clear you are hydrating excessively and losing essential nutrients. Try and mimic your urine to the color of a light white wine.

We can survive for weeks without food but only seven days without water.

Andes Hruby

Andes Hruby graduated Columbia University with an MFA in writing and has spent 30 years as a certified fitness instructor in five disciplines. The American Council on Exercise accredits her as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Facilitator. To better balance her body Hruby began her training in the Ashtanga community under Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, and Nancy Gilgoff. Hruby was previously the NBC Fit Guru of Connecticut, and for over a decade was the owner of Studio Blue: Fitness Made Fun. She currently writes a lifestyle and fitness columns for Good Tiger Yoga, Yoganomous, and ConciergeQ and has been a contributor at: Glamour, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and numerous on-line zines and blogs. You can find out more about Andes and her retreats in Coast Rica at http://manuyogaretreats.com/