Giving in to Desire

Giving in to Desire


ust as I was pushing desire aside, feeling that my desire was too much, not wanting to add any more layers of complication to an already complicated life, a friend out of the blue emails me this quote:

Allowing ourselves into desire's abyss turns out to be the key to a more complete enjoyment of its fruits.
By experiencing desire in its totality:
gratifying and frustrating, sweet and bitter, pleasant and painful, successful and yet coming up short, we can use it to awaken our minds. The qualities that desire seems to take for granted can be resolved through a willingness to drop into the gap between them.

--Mark Epstein

Is this a free ticket to indulge in desire? Is desire an abyss?

Sometimes it sure feels that way...big, deep, wide, and endless. Desire for me goes straight to the heart. Allowing desire in also means opening, and opening my heart truly is my life's work.

This quote connects desire to the heart asking us not to fear the heart opening, but to LOVE in the most real way possible. You know Love with all the stuff that goes along with it- the messy kind of love. Love that is disappointing, ecstatic, connected, misunderstood, awkward, and filled with pure happiness... It all begins with Desire.

However, desire is often the easy part, the crucial step is allowing. And regardless of WHAT you desire, believing and trusting that you are safe once you drop into that space is the greatest gift of all. That is the moment your essence shines and desire transforms into its simplest and purest form.

Just remember what happened to the man that suddenly got everything he ever wanted.... He lived happily ever after. - Willy Wonka


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