Slow Love

Slow Love is about breaking this pattern. Being open to truly taking things slow…. even when that flame seems to burning hotter and hotter.

— Slow Love



ove often starts hot, intense and maybe even a frantic.  Attraction can feel like it takes over, like you might die if you don't see that person, and your heart hurts when you're apart.  When you're together it seems like magic, and when you're apart you may feel insecure and wonder if the other person feels the same about you.

When all this intensity is present, often what might develop in a relationship over a few months might happen over a few weeks or even days.  Then we manifest and experience this intensity through a physical relationship without remembering that we may hardly "know" this person.  But despite that fact, nature loosens the protections we have around our bodies, giving over physically before we have the chance to know if we could give over our hearts.

That fire becomes a signal that this must be Love.  


And maybe it is.  Maybe it is really love, or has the potential to be.  Maybe this person will love you for exactly who you are in this moment, and is willing to see everything in the bag you have been carrying around for the past 30 years and kiss each thing with the tenderness and compassion we all hope comes from real love.

But maybe not.  Sometimes when we feel this fire we give into the physical need before we consider what our hearts need.  And regardless of intention to grow a strong heart connection - which undoubtedly takes time, we plant a seed in our hearts through our physical experiences that connect us to that new love.

This pattern of love can be heart breaking, and even dissatisfying.  

Slow Love is about breaking this pattern.  Being open to truly taking things slow…. even when that flame seems to burning hotter and hotter.  Attempting to build some foundation of trust before the point of no return can safeguard our hearts and weed out the not so great opportunities.  When you begin here, the self-doubt and insecurities that often can cloud the moments post reckless abandon can be avoided.  

Take it easy, care for your own heart the want you might care for a child's, or the heart of this deep love you are seeking. You deserve the biggest love possible and baby steps  will help you get there.


The Good Tiger

We are a group of dedicated yogis, mommys, daddys, climbers, bikers, hikers, paddlers, and all around nature worshippers who believe that our practice is a lifelong connection enhancing every aspect of our existence, bringing breath and freedom to all we do. With this inspiration for yoga and all its gifts we created Good Tiger Yoga so that we may share our practice and journey with you.