Spring Cleanse for your beer buns!

Spring Cleanse for your beer buns!




pring is a time for renewal and resurrection. The recent eclipse landed us in an astrological storm of emotions. I preferred to eat enough cake flavored anything and watermelon sour peeps to float into Monday in a sugar coma.  When I woke up this morning I looked like Pillsbury doughboy’s mother. At least I prepared and loaded my bases with a plan to cleanse. For over twenty years as a yoga instructor and top fitness trainer I have guided (ordered) my clients to cleanse twice a year. This is not a pill-popping shake it up cleanse with special recipes and price tags. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to follow. If you want to play, get a group of friends together or check us out on Facebook. The time has come to shrink the winter belly and beer buns.

 Week 1: Flood me and get rid of flour:

 First,  no white flour. This is the big one-- this step means no bread, pasta, rice, toast, bagels, potatoes, chips, muffins, cookies, you get the picture? And do not ask me if you can have oatmeal, polenta, or some couscous and quinoa. If you want to soak and cook something in water try more beans!




Next, water. Water is truly known as the magic "Silver Bullet" of weight loss. Start chugging.  Under 40 years old= 3 Liters of water a day: yes this is roughly 101.4 Ounces 1 Liter= 33.8 ounces.  If you are over 40 = 2 Liters (the body needs its trace elements) On the first three days your bladder will be overwhelmed. Shortly after that it will adjust (like a pond filling up in the summer).

Do not "push" your urine. This causes some of the urine to get blocked by the muscles and then as soon as you empty your bladder you have an "after pee." Try and relax as much as possible and allow for to pee to just gently flow out.

 Last, increase 30% raw foods per-day. This means that 30 percent of diet intake should be uncooked and chew like a cow making cud. Raw foods are salads, nuts, and greens of all kinds, fruit of all kind. If a rabbit would eat it so should you. Instead of meat and potatoes eat a steak and salad or chicken and chopped greens. For my vegan and vegetarian friends you do have to be creative. I dig my tofu and fish in the morning but it is an acquired taste.

 Week 2: Everything in week 1 and subtract ALL Sugar and substitutes

Week 3: Everything in week 1 and 2 and subtract ALL Diary and alcohol

Stay tuned for more support and insights.  And remember this is not about starving!! Eat, eat more... 

Andes Hruby

Andes Hruby graduated Columbia University with an MFA in writing and has spent 30 years as a certified fitness instructor in five disciplines. The American Council on Exercise accredits her as a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Facilitator. To better balance her body Hruby began her training in the Ashtanga community under Beryl Bender Birch, David Swenson, and Nancy Gilgoff. Hruby was previously the NBC Fit Guru of Connecticut, and for over a decade was the owner of Studio Blue: Fitness Made Fun. She currently writes a lifestyle and fitness columns for Good Tiger Yoga, Yoganomous, and ConciergeQ and has been a contributor at: Glamour, Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and numerous on-line zines and blogs. You can find out more about Andes and her retreats in Coast Rica at http://manuyogaretreats.com/