Sun in Leo : The I Ching and August Alterations

Sun in Leo : The I Ching and August Alterations

Have you noticed how many false faces have been exposed over the past decade?


The Chinese number system includes a large turning wheel that correlates to time. The spinning calendar clicked into the North East quadrant in 2004.  For the following 23 years, we will see the truth beneath all the hype. Exposure will be stock market swindles or show business icons with nasty shadows.  This sector of the I Ching is known as Mountain, and it requires substance. This isn’t about posting your lovely avocado on a peach plate with a sprig of cilantro, but understanding the actual amino acid building blocks and omega oils feeding your system.  Self-knowledge must act in harmony with the present, so truth is inevitable; infrastructure is at risk. The hard lesson of these times: all your actions have consequences. Even if you think you have locked them up those skeletons are ready to break free from their chains!


As Saturn moves through this last pulse of Scorpio (ending in mid September) examine the shadows in your own world, they will have a spotlight you cannot hide from. This year of Wood Sheep is a good time to revisit creative ventures, let the scalpel of Saturn sheer the sheep and show you how to emerge with a new brand; something more appropriate to your present beliefs (even if it isn’t the right box-yes turn in your loafers for flip flops).


Sun and Venus in Leo will make us all more dramatic and blindsided to the needs of others because we are caught in our egos.  Loving and impulsive, summertime is always perfect to lose one’s heart. Enjoy the rush and remember it’s a dance, not a marriage.  If marriage is on the deck, use the grace given by Mercury in Jupiter now, to clarify your goals and expectations.  Keep in mind the big clock demands the Truth. You will pay dearly by inviting anyone into your life that you are not genuinely interested in.  Do your best to keep it simple, there is no “app” that can tell you how you really feel. With so much entertainment available, it has become too easy to fabricate reality.  A  final consideration for August, the summer is almost over!  Do not beat yourself up over the things that didn’t happen yet. Mind is creative, if you are true, all will come to pass. The I Ching says, “the rain will come in it’s own time.” Give yourself a break…take a page from the Wood Sheep, be gentle with eyes open.

You will pay dearly by inviting anyone into your life that you are not genuinely interested in.

Eve Van Syckle

Eve Van Syckle Feng Shui Facilitator/ Chinese Horoscope/Rebel/ Bra Burner Van Syckle is a historical Dark Horse party rebel of Woodstock in the sixties who has emerged with a compelling program in which she uses Feng Shui as a toolbox for change based on a individual Chinese horoscope pillars. Eve Van Syckle escaped from the Nazi regime and survived the Iron Curtain by being smuggled across Europe in a wardrobe trunk at the age of 5. Van Syckle spent numerous years in Woodstock, New York, and traveling through Europe and Asia cultivating an alternative education in Tarot Cards, the I Ching, Feng Shui, the occult, holistic foods, and learning from psychedelic meditation masters while advocating her social platform on legalizing Marijuana. In 2003 Eve graduated from the New York York School of Feng Shui taught by world master, Roger Green. Green is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. At a striking 70 years of age Eve continues her studies in health, body, and well being while working as a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultant. Find more about Eve and her latest musings at