Sun in Libra & Mercury Retrograde

Sun in Libra & Mercury Retrograde

It can’t be said enough…this is the time to review, redo and revisit an incompletion or a loss in your past. Mercury started moving retrograde on September 17th and becomes a cause for people to quiver or quibble over contract, relationships, and electronics. Yet Mercury is retrograde sometimes 3 or 4 times a year so how do we embrace it?


Get up and Face it! Do not ignore the whisper of transformation. Like it or not, confront the phobias, complete the project, and purge emotional clutter. Let the undertow take charge, back paddle, retrace your steps. There is fated magic in the things that have been overlooked and need to be redone.


The earring lost on your nightstand or the wallet you thought was in the car will reappear in unlikely scenarios; acknowledge how easily you can excuse the obvious. We are set on moving forward but here and now we are asked to look back and honor the old things on the list.


The full moon eclipse on 9/29 will illuminate and bring insight to the door not chosen. Rediscover some missing steps and make actual physical change by taking advantage of eccentric Uranus (willful difference-think of challenging the sun) in warrior Aries (bold energy in every direction). Brashness is encouraged to implement the possibilities that should now be clear. Innovative ways to reach goal that were unthinkable last year or last season are waiting.


The warning: undertaking something now must be free of petty or false ambition; only the true heart will navigate the tidal influence of these old shadows. While the sun moves into sociable Libra, the essential primal rush to partner before winter will be negotiated by discerning Virgo. It is time to look at the touchy terms of relationships that are no longer harmonious. Polarity has useful and important functions, and opposition is the foundation of life.


Decide how you want to embrace them and assume responsibility for your fate. Mind is creative: what you see is what you’ll get so tune your vision toward perfection. Between Mercury retrograde and the full moon eclipse, an eyeful of solutions will appear for the seasonal equinox-do not shut them out even if they seem more like a kaleidoscope than stained glass. This is a time for taking on the dark side while keeping your vision in the spotlight.

Between Mercury retrograde and the full moon eclipse, an eyeful of solutions will appear for the seasonal equinox-do not shut them out even if they seem more like a kaleidoscope than stained glass.

Eve Van Syckle

Eve Van Syckle Feng Shui Facilitator/ Chinese Horoscope/Rebel/ Bra Burner Van Syckle is a historical Dark Horse party rebel of Woodstock in the sixties who has emerged with a compelling program in which she uses Feng Shui as a toolbox for change based on a individual Chinese horoscope pillars. Eve Van Syckle escaped from the Nazi regime and survived the Iron Curtain by being smuggled across Europe in a wardrobe trunk at the age of 5. Van Syckle spent numerous years in Woodstock, New York, and traveling through Europe and Asia cultivating an alternative education in Tarot Cards, the I Ching, Feng Shui, the occult, holistic foods, and learning from psychedelic meditation masters while advocating her social platform on legalizing Marijuana. In 2003 Eve graduated from the New York York School of Feng Shui taught by world master, Roger Green. Green is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. At a striking 70 years of age Eve continues her studies in health, body, and well being while working as a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultant. Find more about Eve and her latest musings at