Sweet MEXIFLOW with Chelsea Knight

Chelsea Knight

Sweet MEXIFLOW with Chelsea Knight

Chelsea Knight has a calm soul. She’s been practicing yoga since the age of 10, but felt a passionate draw toward teaching in her mid 20s. After exploring many styles of practice she opened Hard Core Yoga, a strength based vinyasa studio, in her hometown of Eugene, OR in 2011.


Her first love is vinyasa flow, where the asanas & breath come together to create a moving meditation. Chelsea believes the true gift of this practice lies in learning to flow with ease, peace, and presence when the physical practice is challenging.  This blend of styles has lead her to work with many athletes, developing and teaching sport-specific classes for several University of Oregon athletic teams as well as many professional athletes ranging from runners to MLB pitchers.


Whether she is working with yoga beginners or elite athletes, Chelsea’s goal is always to allow the practice to support, enhance, and add joy to the lives of her students.

 SUP Yoga RetreatGood Tiger Yoga  is so excited to collaborate with Chelsea next Spring with Sweet MEXI FLOW, a stand-up paddle board & yoga retreat at our favorite spot Hotel Cinco in Punta Mita, Mexico.  Chelsea will be bringing her sweet and strong vinyasa style along with  GTY Founder, Sarah Laufer getting you out on the ocean and connecting to the flow of the waves.  There will be a little bit of  sup yoga, restorative, delicious fresh dinners and even a few special treats along the way.  Find all the information for our Mexican yoga retreat.

There is no better feeling than watching a student grow in the process of their practice. Sometimes it is relief from chronic pain or injury, sometimes it's catching a float in handstand, sometimes it is embracing pranayama and meditation as a way to cope with anxiety...but it's ALL yoga. Being able to facilitate the beginning of this journey with my students and supporting them along the path has been a tremendous source of joy that I am always grateful to experience.`` -- Chelsea Knight


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We are a group of dedicated yogis, mommys, daddys, climbers, bikers, hikers, paddlers, and all around nature worshippers who believe that our practice is a lifelong connection enhancing every aspect of our existence, bringing breath and freedom to all we do. With this inspiration for yoga and all its gifts we created Good Tiger Yoga so that we may share our practice and journey with you.