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No matter how many hours you spend lengthening your side bodies, love on the yogic path often seems completely out of reach.  Not to worry, the Love Guru has agreed to share with us knowledge of all things heart centered whether of the lasting and true variety or the fleeting, hormonally powered chemical kind.


Wise and insightful words are offered with the gentle approach of a baby lamb but the hard lined truthfulness necessary to help you sort through the plate of quinoa spaghetti that is a yogi’s love life. Perhaps it’s the Love Guru’s discernment practice or maybe an unfailing commitment to always knowing the truth in love.  Perhaps years of experience have given the Love Guru the upper hand…regardless the reason, when questions of the 4th (and 6th) chakra arise, you need someone to ask (and you know as well as we do it ain’t your girl Tammy at the coffee stand).

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Ask away, dear yogis and yoginis:  No question is too silly, too bizarre, or too inappropriate!

The Love Guru: Love is Patient

Love is Patient, Love is Kind (but hurry up already)   In all my years of advising folks in the ways of love, there is one question that comes up relentlessly. When? When will I find my partner, when will I be ready for love, when will my heart meet it’s match, when, when, WHEN??? Unfortunately, in the same way that we cannot know when enlightenment…


Dear Love Guru: All Locked Up

Dear Love Guru, I have been single for a while…quite a while, actually. Which is not a problem, I love my life just the way it is and regardless of my singledom, my heart is wide open. Ultimately, I would love to be in love and I would be honored to start a family. But I am in no rush and refuse to “settle.” I get asked out a…


We Offer You: The Love Guru!

Have you lost hope when it comes to love on the yogic path?  Don’t fret, the Love Guru is here!  No question is too silly, too bizarre, or too inappropriate for the Love Guru. As young as he is old, as simple as he is complex, he is an enigma wrapped in a yogi toes mat and taped to the humidifier.  We don’t know where…


The Love Guru: Distractions from Love

  Dear Definitely Distracted and Maybe in Love, Distracted indeed.  Your inquiry quite possibly contains both the question that puzzles you and the answer which you seek.  You describe your relationship as wonderful and your feelings as very strong.  You say you are scared to death to be involved with a man you are uncertain of, yet there is no mention of the risk of losing your “wonderful…


Dear Love Guru

Dear Flexible Lover, Because I am trained in the ways of love and not in the ways of telling the future, my answer may not satisfy you. Though with a lover as you described above I suspect you do not need my help feeling satisfied. Is it getting warm in here? Er, let’s get back to your question. There are so many things that contribute to a relationship…