Unleash the MUSE

Unleash the MUSE


e are so excited to be attending Bend, Oregon's inaugural MUSE Women's Conference this weekend! Based on a platform that believes women hold enormous potential as catalysts for change and bringing together International keynote speakers, local artists, teachers, and activists for 3 days of music, discussion, art, music, and celebration, this conference promises to be one big inspiration fest. Visit the MUSE Conference website for more information and to purchase tickets.

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The Good Tiger

We are a group of dedicated yogis, mommys, daddys, climbers, bikers, hikers, paddlers, and all around nature worshippers who believe that our practice is a lifelong connection enhancing every aspect of our existence, bringing breath and freedom to all we do. With this inspiration for yoga and all its gifts we created Good Tiger Yoga so that we may share our practice and journey with you.