Vasisthasana Side Plank Pose

Vasisthasana Side Plank Pose

Side plank is a wonderful posture that strengthens the obliques, lats and shoulders.  Its is a balancing posture that has many variations. In its simplest form, side plank can be taken with the bottom knee down supporting the weight of the hips wit the top leg outstretched long and the bottom hand, wrist elbow and shoulder stacked and in alignment.


Come into the posture from all fours if taking the version with the bottom knee on the floor.  Alternatively, and there are many ways to come into to this yoga pose, move into plank pose and bring the heels to the right (or left).   You may stack the feet one on top of the other, or place on foot in front of the other for added stability.


As you role open to one side be sure the arm joints are stacked.  Lift up toward the ceiling from the hips and waist.  Reach the top arm up to the sky and keep the gaze toward the bottom hand until you been to feel stable and the breath is steady.

Moving deeper into the yoga posture, begin to take the gaze slowly up toward the top hand or slightly in that direction.  Breath.  As you begin to feel stronger and more stable begin to lift the bottom leg, straight up at first.  From here there are many variations including reaching for the foot with your peace fingers and turning your hips and gaze toward the sky, reaching the top hand above the head.  Tree pose is also a lovely and challenging variation, or as seen here a simple bent knee.


The top foot may also be place in front or back of the straightened bottom leg for added stability and balance.   Vasistasana is a lovely pose with many benefits just remember to breath and enjoy the journey.


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