We Offer You: The Love Guru!

We Offer You: The Love Guru!

Have you lost hope when it comes to love on the yogic path?  Don’t fret, the Love Guru is here!  No question is too silly, too bizarre, or too inappropriate for the Love Guru. As young as he is old, as simple as he is complex, he is an enigma wrapped in a yogi toes mat and taped to the humidifier.  We don’t know where he came from nor how he found us.  But we’ll take love advice anywhere we can get it and we know you will too.  So stop wondering what you did right, wrong, and in between and ask the expert already.  We present to you:  the Love Guru!  Got a love question burning a hole in your brain?  Ask away, the Guru is ready for you…


Dear Love Guru,

Please help!  I have been single for 3 years.  Being single isn’t the problem, my friends’ opinions on the matter is what is bothering me.  It seems like every time I turn around someone is offering unsolicited advice or worse, trying to hook me up with someone I have nothing in common with.  I try to be open minded and graceful about the whole thing.  But it’s hard not to find it insulting.  What can I do?


Single and Loving (almost all of) It


Dear Single and Loving It,

It sounds like the problem actually isn’t a problem.  If these friends truly have your best interest at heart then you must trust that their actions merely represent their desire for you to be happy.  And since most people equate happiness with being in romantic partnership, this is their best effort to care for you.  At this point in the game, discernment is your best practice.  You must be able to see the truth about your friends and their intentions.  And you must be able to discern when it may be wise to go out on a limb and go out on some dates per the recommendations of your friends.  If singledom is really your heart’s desire, try exercising your 3rd chakra and TELL your friends with loving kindness that you are happy to be on your own and that you will let them know when to “set you up.”  In the meantime, spend some time meditating on what is truly in your heart.  And always, always, dear single one, take the time to prepare yourself for a small amount of friendly meddling when in the public realm.  After all, your friends are only mirroring back to you what is shining from your eyes and from your heart:  a desire for Love.


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