Yoga + Music Festival Survival Guide Part 2

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Yoga + Music Festival Survival Guide Part 2

Last week we shared Part 1 of the Yoga + Music Festival Survival Guide and now here’s Part 2!! Yoga festivals can be serious stuff. Packing in lots of yoga during the day and dancing all night is hard work. Here is your go-to guide for maximizing your fun. The one thing not on this list? Your computer, leave work and all distractions at home for a few days!

1. A water bottle. Plastic is passé, let’s all get on this train and get a reusable water bottle for the summer. Throw in a few cardamom pods or fennel seeds to add flavor and digestive support.

2. Sun block. A golden glow is sexy, sun burn or sun poisioning is not. Apply first thing before you put your clothes on in the morning to avoid funky tan lines and re-apply at least twice a day. There are so many organic options out there, so no excuses!

3. Toner or rosewater spray. Heading into nature and the full sun for days on end can be intense. Rehydrate and cool your skin by spraying over your face and décolleté for a refreshing, re-energizing boost.

4. Coconut oil. Jumping in and out of the sun, hot tub pool and yoga class can do a number on your skin. Give yourself a full body massage and indulge your largest organ.

5. Sarong or light pashmina. During the day, you can use to make shade or towel off after an impromptu river excursion. At night it doubles as a scarf as the sun sets and temperature drops.

6. Hat. Baseball cap, trucker hat, cowboy, steampunk cap or visor. There are so many options, so there are no excuses. You might need one for to go with every different outfit.

7. Ear plugs & eye mask. You may want to go to sleep before the music sets or take a nap. Use these to help you turn inward and recharge without distraction or sleep in transit.

8. Layers! Stay cool during the day and cozy in the evenings. Do I need to mention a bathing suit? I love convertible bathing suit/yoga tops during the day and cozy, light sweaters for the evening of dancing outside.

9. Coconut water or electrolytes. If you are drinking too much water without salt or electrolytes it can run right through you. Once a day add something extra to your h2o to make sure your body is retaining everything it needs.

10. Snacks. Join the yogasnackers and make sure you have packed some superfood bars, nut butters and energy chews. When the food lines get super crazy, I’ll put peanut butter on my superfood bar as a lunch replacement and get to the next activity without missing a beat. I also pack my favorite smoothie powder, so I don’t have to worry about finding breakfast. Don’t let your blood sugar get too low to enjoy yourself.[/vc_column_text]


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