YogoSport Kickstarter Update!

YogoSport Kickstarter Update!


f you've been following the YogoSport YogoMat Kickstarter campaign, then you must be as impressed as we are by their strong start in fundraising efforts! In less than 1 week, founder Ryon Lane has managed to acquire nearly 50 backers and is feeling confident that the next 28 days will bring the needed $30k to fully fund his first round of production.

The YogoMat is a revolutionary design weighing less than 2 pounds and offering an innovative strapping system that not only allows you to travel light, but through it's unique folding mechanism keeps the side of your mat that you practice on clean and sanitary (airport yoga, anyone?)

This is YOUR chance to be a part of something great. Pledge $1 or $100, but don't delay: each pledge level is limited, as is the YogoSport swag that accompanies it. And to sweeten the deal even more, Ryon plans to donate 5% of proceeds from the first run of YogoMats to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Nextstep Fitness, organizations that support individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries (Lane himself suffered a broken neck in 2008, and it is his yoga-aided recovery that eventually inspired the YogoMat).

Help GTY spread the word about this amazing story! And let's get those YogoMats on the market where they belong. Stay tuned to the YogoSport facebook page for updates!


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